About us


My name is Peter. After leaving school I joined the family business (Thorpes of Gosforth, Gosforth high Street) and shortly after was assigned the task of setting up a service to sharpen Garden Shears and the like. The logic behind this was that no-one in the local area was able to keep such tools in a serviceable condition often resulting in them being disposed of un-necessarily.

Fast forward 35 years and after continuos investment in up do date machinery and professional training I think it is fair to say that I have got the hang of it now! 

From the early days of just sharpening garden Shears,I now offer a comprehensive range of services. 

The Blade Doctor is a recent development to spread the word to a larger audience than the local area.

Now fully mobile, I can come to your Home or Work, Salon or Kitchen. I sharpen for Commercial and domestic customers

Please rest assured that wether I am sharpening a pair of garden shears or a pair of delicate Hairdressing scissors. Everything will have my utmost attention to detail